Trendhunter 2018

As dress-up is one of the most simple, transformative and creativity-boosting play activities, ‘Playdate in a Box’ provides boxed sets of costumes for two kids. The product from mompreneur Letitia Fox aims to inspire social interaction in kids ages three an up. As Fox describes: “Kids are becoming isolated because they are more dependent upon electronics and less dependent on human interaction. I want to break the isolation and encourage children to use their own creative imagination.” 

Playdate in a Box is offered in five themed sets: The Superpower Girls, The Superpower Boys, Pirate Adventure, Rockstar Diva and Rockstar Dude. In the coming year, two new boxes are set to be added to the range, including Dinosaur Diggers and Ballerina Besties. Each kit contains costumes and accessories for two, as well as stickers and a special scroll that takes kids on an imaginative adventure.

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