A note from the founder:

I am thrilled to introduce you to my company, Artful Playdate Inc.

Remember when we were young and played together without electronics?  I used to chase armadillos in Texas with my girlfriends!

When my son Dante was 3,  I was introduced to the world of Playdates.  As a busy Mom I searched the stores for a toy that was for 2 kids, fun and encouraged children to use their own creative imagination technology free.  I could not find it,  so I created Playdate in a Box.  Themed costume playdate boxes for kids ages 3 to 8.  The boxes inspire children to play and socially interact.  Each themed box has costumes for 2 kids, creative activities and a secret scroll that takes them on an imaginative adventure. So here is your  go-to box!

Kids are becoming isolated because they are more dependent upon electronics for entertainment and less dependent on human interaction.  Let's inspire children to embrace their own creative imagination through play and social interaction.  Together we can make a difference and Bring Old School Play Back for kids!  Please share your playdate experiences with us on instagram #bringoldschoolplayback

Letitia Fox-Varshavsky