Artful Playdate, Our Story...



Mommyprenuer Letitia Fox is bringing old school play back for kids!  Remember when we were young and played together without electronics?  Letitia remembers chasing armadillos in Texas with her girlfriends. 

As a Mom of 2 children ages 6 and 8, Letitia inspires her kids to put the tablets and phones aside and play with friends instead of turning into zombies and fighting over what they are watching.  I'm sure you can relate. It's a challenge finding interactive activities for children.  So, here is your go to box.  The Playdate in a Box!  It encourages kids to put technology aside and play with their playmate while using their own creative imagination.  It's for 2 players ages 3 and up.  It promotes social interaction and hours of fun!

Let's bring old school play back!